Ph.D. programme is aimed at assisting students acquiring proficiency in their chosen area of research. The academic programme leading to the Ph.D. degree is broad-based and involves a course credit requirement and a research thesis submission. The Institute encourages research in interdisciplinary areas through a system of joint supervision and interdepartmental group activities. Research activities in IIIT Pune are carried out under the ambit of academic departments ECE and CSE and research centres.

With an aim to develop new knowledge in all aspects of teaching and research, IIIT Pune offers admission to the Ph.D. programme of the Institute. IIIT Pune plans to develop world class research facilities in areas of Mobile Computing, Information Security, IoT, Robotics, Machine Learning, Speech & Image Processing, Medical Informatics, Cyber Physical Systems, Wireless Networks, VLSI Design and Nanotechnology.

Admission Categories

The admissions are offered under below mentioned categories:

i. Govt. Fellowship Awardees (FA)

ii. Sponsored candidates (SP)

iii. External candidates (EX)

iii. (a) Candidates sponsored from R&D organizations

iii. (b) Institutional faculty

Admission Procedure

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